Vice governor Li Yue came to our company for investigation

Date of issue:2020-12-25 source:Site

  On October 30, 2018, Vice Governor Li Yue led the research team to our company for investigation. Xu Jiqing, vice mayor of Baishan City, Zhong Tiepeng and Yang Luxin, leaders of Linjiang City accompanied the survey.
  Vice Governor Li Yue and his delegation inspected the production and packaging workshops on the spot, and had a discussion with Chairman Liu Zhongrun of Lishengyuan Company to understand the product types, output value benefits, market prospects and development situation of the enterprise in detail. She stressed that as an ecological food manufacturing enterprise, it is necessary to strengthen the string of safety production to ensure that the quality of the products produced is qualified. We should constantly improve the industrial chain, speed up technological innovation, further enrich product categories, strengthen regional cooperation mechanism, sign up for group heating brand, and form brand synergy to do a good job in marketing.

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